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-Rp'ed pre-reboot automatically. [Accepting rp suggestions for time periods and alternative universes.]
-Sexually/emotionally attracted to males [more thoughts here].
-Suffers from Atelophobia [the fear of imperfection].
-Bart and Cassie are his closest friends, second only to Conner.
-Requires interaction with his family and friends to keep him sane [needs to be reminded of this].
-Chapped lips, often split and mauled by his teeth, have become sort of a trademark of his.
-Addiction to caffeine started at a young age (soda helped him stay awake so he could keep researching Batman). He moved on to coffee but could only take it with masses of sugar. These consumption habits coupled with an intense lack of sleep contributed to Tim's stunted growth. (This was inspired by something on tumblr- someone help me find it ;w; ).
-Assumes the role of leader when working with the Titans [Cassie practically forces it on him].
-Has a hopeless affinity for fast vehicles and high capacity super computers.
-Proficient in photography and photo manipulation.
-Refuses to live or work anywhere without a fully operational, state of the art security system. Liberally installs them in all Bat-related buildings [Babs is his supplier].
-Also installs security systems in his friends' houses and workplaces [usually with permission].
-Forever loyal to the Bats. Especially Bruce.
-Often forgets to take care of himself. Frequently neglects personal hygiene and nutrition when immersed in cases [rarely leaves the movie theater/office].
-Fond of his scars, not of their stories.

Character Relationships:
-Alfred Pennyworth - Grandfather. Lifeline. Moral support.
-Bruce Wayne - Adopted father. Employer. Mentor.
-Dick Grayson - Older brother. Example. Inspiration.
-Barbara Gordon -Conscience. Tech dealer. Teacher.
-Jason Todd - Fellow middle child. Predecessor. Negative influence.
-Damian Wayne - Nuisance. Competition. Little brother.
-Stephanie Brown - Exgirlfriend. Best friend. Comic relief.
-Cassandra Cain - Sister. Trainer. Superior.
-Conner Kent - Partner. Confidant. Completion.

-TimKon [OTP - soul mates]
-TimDick [broxbro]
-TimBruce [fatherxson]
-TimJason [emotional comfort]
-TimDamian [struggle for dominance]
TimTam [office sex~]
TimSteph [over the bra]
-TimKonBart [besties4life]
-TimBruceJay [center of attention=Jay]
-TimDickJay [sex ed]
-TimBruceDick [daddy dom]
-TimKonDick [battle for the cuddles]


As Robin III: Rob Moore
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As Red Robin: Myles...
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I'm a boy, not that it matters. You can call me pretty much anything, people seem to prefer Tim-mun, Tim, Timmy. I'm friendly and will treat you the way you treat me. I rp Tim through my own interpretations so forgive me for any out of character moments. I'm a full time student, so my internet procrastination allowances are limited. Just because I don't message your last reply or even a rp starter does not automatically mean that I dislike you. As stated, I'm a student. My soul is signed over to other obligations. If you're here to watch and aren't seeing frequent submissions, please check my activity (I try to keep a few rp's going in comments for anyone to snoop through. Go ahead, I encourage it). Please take my time and effort into consideration. If you at least try in our rp's, I will try to make my response thoughtful and engaging.
My current time zone is Pacific Standard, so expect replies between reasonable daytime hours. This is the plan, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stick to it (depending on assignments).
I love you guys! I maintain this account for fun! Please don't take it too seriously. Be respectful. I miss you guys!! Thanks so much for dealing with me and keeping in touch. <3

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Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne
United States
Third of the Batboys.
"I'm tempted to [...] just blissfully shut down for a while. Or I could become more like Batman and emotionally cut myself off from the world; at the same time I battle his most horrible aspects. But I choose a third way.. the more difficult way.
I can't squander the sacrifices of Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Darla Aquista and the others by turning my back on the struggle that claimed their lives. I'm never quitting again. They paid too high a price for me to simply "dabble" in superheroics. It's no longer a kids grand adventure. 
At the same time I owe it to my dad to try to become the man he wanted me to be. He never let the tragedies in his life close him off from his joys. So I won't either. That's a promise dad, and I won't break this one. Time to grow up, Tim."

Common Chatrooms:
Team Chatroom - [Young Justice/Teen Titans]
Gotham City - Entry permission from Batman highly recommended. 
The Batcave - Do NOT enter unless authorized. 
My room at Wayne Manor - Knock, please.
My apartment - I’m probably sleeping if I’m here. Call before. 
My office - Cave in a movie theater. You won't get in without my consent, so don't try.
Current Alias:
Red Robin
Other Aliases:
Alvin Draper; Batman; Robin III; Tim Wayne

Jack Drake [father, deceased]; Janet Drake [mother, deceased]; Dana Winters Drake [step-mother, status unknown]; Bruce Wayne [adoptive father]; Damian Wayne [adoptive brother]; Dick Grayson [adoptive brother]; Jason Todd [adoptive brother]; Cassandra Cain [adoptive sister]; Helena Wayne [adoptive sister]; Barbara Gordon ["aunt"] 
Conner Kent [best friend]; Stephanie Brown [best friend]; Cassie Sandsmark [close friend]; Bart Allen [close friend]; Cissie King [friend]; Slo-Bo [friend]; Freddy Freeman [friend]; Rachel Roth [friend]; Garfield Logan [friend]; Koriand’r [friend]; Victor Stone [friend]
Teen Titans; Batman Family; formerly Young Justice 
Base Of Operations
Gotham City; Titans Tower; San Francisco, California
Current Residence: 
Gotham City [apartment, lives alone]

Marital Status:
Brother, Son, Detective, Crime Fighter, Adventurer, W.E. intern
High School Graduate, alternative, self-taught 

5' 6"
135 lbs (61.2 kg)
Pale blue
Black; brow-length
Fair; scattered moles 
Unusual Features:
Torso, upper, and lower limbs covered in battle and surgical scars [most not visible in civvies].

New Earth
Place of Birth:
Gotham City
Character ©: 
Marv Wolfman, Pat Broderick
First Comic Appearance:
Batman #436
[August, 1989]

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Name of Image
people do you even understand what a considerate, kind, selfless lady Ask-RachelRoth is I mean she is the most sweetest nicest person in the whole world and deserves all the love and hugs and candies and I'm just about sobbing here you perfect person thank you thank you so much you didn't have to do such a sweet thing but you did and I'm so grateful please succeed in your life with only happiness and no upset times ever okay you're perfect I adore you thank youuuuu <333 x a million KISSES AND HUGS OMG THANKS 

(she gave me the chance to change my username by gifting me a shiney new premium okay she is the literal definition of a saint everyone go give her hugs please she deserves an army of hugs okay bye)



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Hi there :3]
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[[ I Love this account!]]
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*Knocks.on your door*OH  timmy boy the barts the barts are callinggggg open your door so we may conversate~~
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Thanks for the fav on "Spoiler: Welcome Home"
((oh god t his is going to suck))

*it was a scorching hot day in Gotham city and it was just ridiculous. It was the third day in a heatwave that had over come the crime ridden city, this time not caused by a villian of any sort. It was so hot that even the villains weren't causing any trouble. and thank god for that. Cass walked into the batcave after her afternoon patrol, her suit soaked in sweat and sticking to her body. She grabbed her mask and ripped it off her face and took in a deep breathe* suffocation is not the way i want to die *she mumbled to herself, hair soaked from sweat, face beat red from the heat. she needed to find a way to cool down, if she could get out of her suit that is.*

((next time you come up with the prompt gdi)) 
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Dkalban Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fave!
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          So, when were you gonna tell me?
               [ he was wondering about the other's personal relations with a certain "clone boy", but conveyed it in the most casual and light-hearted manner - as dick usually did. ]
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( just thought it'd be appropriate for me to pop in and say that i really admire your tim! i really love him a lot and you do him justice. i've actually contemplated following you for a while but was immensely intimidated! so, it was, of course, an honor having you follow. ; v ; i hope to interact with you sometime if that wouldn't be a bother! keep exceeding, dear! /throws sparkles in the air; extra sparkles because eff yeah timkon = adorable )
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Thank you so much for the watch! I can see we share a love for the bird boys!
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"I know you'll mind but, I borrowed your laptop." [/practically throws it at him]
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kay-sama Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav and watch!
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Thanks for the fav on "Robin: Can't Beat The Classics"
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